Is this real?

Is this real? I mean, like, is anything real? Like what if we’re all just brains in jars or something; someone needs to ask a philosopher or a doctor or something. And they’d probably say no, this isn’t real. The Agents of Kaos are actually just a way of raising awareness of domestic violence, stalking and harassment, and human trafficking.

Operation Safe Escape is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps people impacted by domestic violence, stalking, and harassment escape the abuse and stay safe once they do. We work directly with survivors, their support systems, domestic violence shelters and safe houses, and Allied organizations towards our goal of making sure everyone can enjoy their right to feel, and to be, safe in their relationships.  

Operation Safe Escape is also a founding member of the Coalition Against Stalkerware and proudly worked with our partners within the organization to fight against this relatively new form of control and stalking. 

Directly and though our support arrangements, we help survivors of stalking, abuse, and harassment build a safe and secure lifeby providing forensics and investigation, security eduction, and rescue ops. We help educate law enforcement on methodologies used to better avoid and enhance investigations, provide seminars for support organizations, and build educational resources for all involved agencies aligned to our mission. We help develop policy and strategic advisories for protective programs across the country, and integrate our work to support/protect/rescue survivors at every level.  

…and we do it all for free.  

OSE has succesfully helped in over 2000 cases, without cost to any survivors, but we need your help. This assistance does have a real cost. Last year, we supplied over 2 million dollars in security services free to survivors and support organizations. The costs associated with our work keeps us from helping more people. With your help, donations will allow us to us help even more. Please consider a donation to Operation Safe Escape and help us save lives. 

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